The constant stream of delight that is the Wildlife Rehab Center's Instagram

You can admire the cuddly animals and learn something about wildlife. Win-win.

Baby animals are a trusted (and adorable) way to cut through the internet's ubiquitous sarcasm and reach its gooey "aww" center.

And frankly, it 's hard to be more cuddly than the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota's Instagram feed.

The Roseville nonprofit – which takes in all sick, orphaned or injured wild animals, and relies entirely on donations to operate – treats more than 10,000 animals a year now. And thankfully posts photos of some of them online.

For example, look at this baby goose in a splint from over the weekend:

Or this tiny Southern flying squirrel:

And this turtle looks happy as can be after being treated:

It's basically a Minnesota version of Reddit's /r/aww subreddit.

But the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center also gives you some information about the animals – so you get to learn while being delighted at the same time.

For example, raccoons? They should be "curious and chittering," not curled up and not moving, the rehab center explained. But you should wait a bit before intervening.

That said, the center does sprinkle in some photos of animal check-ups or operations. None that are gory or anything, but not quite as adorable as the usual baby animal fare.

The animals they take in

In 2016, the center admitted more than 12,650 animals, ranging from birds to beavers to coyotes to mice to rabbits to woodchucks. It took an estimated 63,500 volunteer hours to make that happen, and cost an average of $2,557 every day, this year-end report says.

The total number of admissions is up significantly from the not-quite-8,000 brought in five years ago.

The rehab center updates its current admissions page with new patients (they've had more than 1,800 Eastern cottontail rabbits already in 2017), and tweets when a new one comes in.

If you’re interested in supporting the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, click here.

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Look at the (adorable) animals the Wildlife Rehab Center admitted this year

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