Construction worker buried 'up to his face' in trench collapse

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A construction worker in Coon Rapids was rescued by fire crews after he was buried up to his face in a trench collapse.

The Coon Rapids Fire Department says it was called to the building site on the 3700 block of Mississippi Drive Thursday afternoon after the collapse was reported.

While en route, the fire department was told a worker was trapped, so the Anoka County Specialized Rescue Team scrambled to the scene as well.

The worker was buried up to his face, but his coworkers were able to move some of the dirt away so he was still able to breathe.

Fire, police and rescue teams dug the dirt away and were able to free him, albeit he was unconscious when he was released.

The good news is he is expected to survive his injuries, having been taken swiftly to a local hospital for treatment.

Trench collapses are a workplace hazard for construction teams. Last month two workers were rescued in Fargo after a clay wall fell on them and left them stuck up to their waists in soil.

And earlier this year in in Lakeville, Minnesota, 51-year-old construction worker Gerald Lyle Thompson was killed after hundreds of pounds of wet soil fell on top of him.

In the past 10 years, across all job industries, OSHA figures show 15 people across the United States have died as the result of a wall collapse.

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