Negotiations for St. Paul teachers include $23.7M for wage increase


St. Paul teachers are seeking a number of changes as it begins contract negotiations with district officials, including some $23.7 million more in wages and benefits.

The raise isn't the only issue for the two sides to consider, as the Star Tribune reports. Also on the table: An alternative payment structure the district wants, preschool for every 4-year-old and whether standardized testing will be required.

The district wants to buy into a state program called Q Comp, enacted in 2005, which has been touted as a reform measure basing teacher pay on student performance. The union, the Strib says, is uncertain about that idea.

One district official tells the paper that the district also could see an additional $9 million to $10 million in state and local funding with Q Comp, “and that’s not a small carrot.”

The average pay for St. Paul’s 3,300 teachers is about $68,000, according to the paper. The federation has proposed raising the salary schedule by $1,500 in the contract’s first year and $1,000 in the second. The union also wants 1,010 veteran teachers to get additional 1 percent raises each year.

The two sides met in May, says the Strib, but have not set future negotiations.

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