Controversial greenway opens in North Minneapolis


A controversial greenway project debuted in North Minneapolis on Sunday. The city is temporarily testing out the urban design for one year before making it a permanent part of the neighborhood.

The greenway closes off cars from accessing the street and extends for five blocks – connecting Jordan and Folwell Parks together on Irving Ave N. It includes walking and biking paths, flower planters, benches, tables and painted pavement art, says KSTP.

Here's what it looked like a few weeks before officially opening:

You can click here to watch a more recent video of the greenway from this disgruntled neighbor's bike.


Its three alternate designs have different end goals – to calm traffic, designate space for walking and biking, and create a gathering space for neighbors explained the Star Tribune.

It's also supposed to encourage residents to be more physically active. You can read more about the City of Minneapolis' background on the project here and here.

Mixed feedback

However, not everyone is in favor of the new installation.

"So far, the jury is out. As with most things, some folks love it, others hate it, and most are somewhere in the middle," said MinnPost.

An increase in loitering, accessibility for the disabled and overall safety are the concerns of some residents, reported KMSP.

Since the greenway decreases street parking, it forces some residents to enter their homes through an ally, according to KARE11.

The City of Minneapolis is continuously gathering feedback to make real-time adjustments, according to the North Minneapolis Greenway FAQs. Residents can provide feedback by dialing 311, emailing the Minneapolis Health Department at, or completing this survey. The City has made nine improvements and received over 100 responses thus far.

But if enough people hate the greenway that much, it might go away for good.

So far, 142 people have signed a petition to have it removed. You can read more about why they're against it by checking out the "Stop the Greenway" blog here. Complaints that the greenway is unsafe and an eyesore are among the posts.

Yet some residents are happy with how the greenway turned out:

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