Coon Rapids man charged in another Molotov bomb case


Police arrested a Coon Rapids man after he allegedly left a homemade bomb on the couch of a woman who was letting him stay at her house, according to charges Filed Friday in Anoka County Court.

This is the second Molotov cocktail arrest in Minnesota this week, with the FBI arresting and charging a Montevideo man Friday.

According to WCCO-TV, John Michael Udell, 23, was charged with one count of possessing an explosive/incendiary device and two counts of terroristic threats in connection with the incident, which happened Tuesday.

Coon Rapids officers were called to 112th Lane Northwest around 6:32 a.m, after a woman said she found an object on her couch that seemed to be a “Molotov cocktail," KSTP-TV reports.

The device was a 40-ounce glass beer bottle with an amber liquid in the bottom, shotgun shells, fireworks, nails, and wadding material stuffed inside, officers say. A rag served as the wick, and a bottle of charcoal lighter fluid was next to it, according to the criminal complaint.

The woman told police she believed the suspect was Udell, who she allows to stay in the house.

“Wow, you’d think it was the Boston bombing or something,” WCCO reports Udell as saying when officers arrived, referencing the Boston Marathon bombings of April 15.

The complaint states Udell told police he admitted to making the device but denied any plans to use it or harm anyone. If convicted on all charges, he faces up to 18 years in prison and a $33,000 fine

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