Corporate retribution makes for ketchup shakeup at Minnesota McDonald's


There's no longer room for Heinz ketchup under Minnesota's golden arches.

Now that Heinz has installed former Burger King executive Bernardo Hees as its new CEO, McDonald's says it's washing its hands of the ketchup maker, KSTP reports. The station quotes a McDonald's statement that reads in part "As a result of recent management changes at Heinz, we have decided to transition our business to other suppliers over time."

As the Washington Post reports, the biggest impact of the change will be at McDonald's restaurants overseas. That's because the Twin Cities and Pittsburgh are the only two U.S. markets where McDonald's still uses Heinz ketchup.

Heinz's hometown newspaper, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports there was a corporate falling-out a few decades ago when a tomato shortage meant Heinz was unable to supply McDonald's appetite for ketchup.

While it seems logical that McDonald's returned to Heinz in Pittsburgh, it's not clear why the Twin Cities became an outlier in the companies' relationship. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports a McDonald's spokeswoman did not shed any light on the question, writing only that the companies would work together to ensure a smooth transition.

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