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Could you come to America under this points-based immigration proposal?

The bill would make it a points-based system.

The latest high-profile immigration reform proposal would turn the green card process into a points-based system, as CNN explains.

The RAISE Act – introduced last week by Republican Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue, and backed publicly by the president – would prioritize legal immigrants based on a score.

What makes up someone's score? It's a combination of age, possible salary, English skills, whether you've got a Nobel Prize or Olympic medal, whether you'e investing, and a few other things.

Different levels are worth different amounts of points. So a bachelor's degree nets you 6 points, while a high school diploma is worth 1 point. You need 30 points to qualify for immigration.

Time took the bill's text and turned it into a short test – answer some basic questions about yourself to see if you earn 30 points. It's worth the quick look just to get a grasp of how the system would work.

A couple things: 

One, this quiz is not exactly the bill text. You would need to take an English test under the real thing – for TIME's purposes, you just grade yourself as anywhere from "poor" to "fluent," for example. But it's a pretty close approximation.

Two, this is nowhere near becoming law. The Senate and House would have to pass it, and President Donald Trump would have to then sign it into law. And as the AP put it, the RAISE Act proposal has "gained little traction" just in the Senate.

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