How much money do you need to make before you stop getting happier?

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If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. But remember, there is a point when you will hold the applause.

The Huffington Post reports that when Minnesotans hit the $76,000 household income threshold, their emotional well-being doesn't get any better.

Compare the Happiness Benchmark map with a MERIC's cost of living map and you'll see correlations between the two.

The article cites a Princeton Study that looked at the pleasure we all derive from day-to-day experiences. That's what's meant by "emotional well-being."

But there is value to making more money. The study mentions "life evaluation" as the way you feel about your life and accomplishments. This can continue to go up as you make more money and gain education.

So how does Minnesota stack up with other Midwestern states? North Dakota's income benchmark is $75,300 while Wisconsin's threshold is $74,100. Meanwhile, South Dakotans' happiness levels off with an income of $73,725. The touchstone for folks in Iowa is $69,375.

When it comes to overall joy, Minnesota continues to be a happy state. Recently, Minnesota moved into the top tier of the best states to make a living. It ranks as one of the nation's top states when it comes to well-being and ranked No. 3 in Gallup's annual well-being poll.

Living in Minnesota puts a smile on your face, now doesn't it.

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