Couple tells dramatic story of escape from Minneapolis apartment fire


FOX 9 has the story of Michael and Angela Williams' dramatic escape from a Minneapolis fire at an apartment complex on Saturday.

"We couldn't get out," Williams said. "We couldn't open the door. To be honest with you, I thought we were going to die. I couldn't breathe no more."

Trapped in a smoke-filled first-floor apartment, Angela Williams said they were both about to pass out. Michael Williams said he then reared back and dove through a window in an effort to break it. He did – and landed on snowy concrete. He's now recovering in the hospital with abrasions, a fractured arm and a bruised spinal cord. He wonders if he'll walk again.

"My mind said use your head, so I used my head," Williams told FOX. "I'm paying for it now – wish I wouldn't have done it. But thank God, he gave me a hard head."

Nine people were hospitalized in the blaze at 4425 N. Aldrich Ave.

Witnesses described a scene of chaos as a number of people leapt from windows to escape the blaze. WCCO interviewed a woman who dropped her two children from a window into the waiting arms of a neighbor and firefighter.

Rescuers were grateful no one was killed in the blaze in the aging building, which had been divided into eight rental units that held more than 20 people, the Star Tribune reported.

Investigators are still trying to determine a cause of the fire. Arson hotline posters were posted on the building and investigators hope that someone in the neighborhood will come forward with information, FOX reported.

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