Court reverses expulsion of student who accidentally brought knife to school


An honor student who challenged her expulsion after inadvertently bringing a knife to school has won her appeal.

Alyssa Drescher was expelled from United South Central in Wells for the remainder of her junior year after officials found the knife in her locker during a random schoolwide search. The school board had determined she violated a district policy.

Her family maintained she had forgotten to take the knife out of her purse after using it to cut hay bales at her boyfriend's a few days before. The incident sparked outrage in the community and nationwide, and prompted lawmakers to show their support for the student.

Drescher and her family appealed the expulsion, arguing it violated the Pupil Fair Dismissal Act, noting having the expulsion on her record could harm her in the future.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals heard her case this spring, and Monday the court ruled in favor of Drescher, saying her expulsion was improper because the school board didn't find that she "willfully" violated school policy when she brought the knife to school, and that she didn't "willfully" engage in conduct that endangered herself or others.

The court ruled to reverse her expulsion, which means it will no longer be on her record.

Drescher graduated from United South Central this spring, KEYC reports. Her family and the school have yet to comment on the court's decision.

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