Coyote on the loose in Richfield cemetery, public warned not to approach

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Residents in Richfield have been warned to be on their guard as a coyote is believed to be on the loose in the neighborhood.

In a news release, Richfield Police Department said it has received numerous calls in the past week from people who have seen the animal on the west side of the city, near the Best Buy headquarters.

The coyote is believed to have eventually settled in the cemetery on Penn Avenue, and it is suspected it has been injured.

Three conservation officers from the Minnesota DNR tried to capture the animal at the cemetery on Tuesday, but it proved to be too wily for them and managed to escape.

The DNR is planning to try again after the coyote was spotted once more on Wednesday morning.

"The City is urging citizens to stay away from the coyote and refrain from feeding or caring for the animal," Richfield police said.

It's not the first coyote warning issued in the south Twin Cities suburbs in recent months, with the City of Bloomington issuing a similar alert in August.

This was somewhat more serious however, as their sightings were being linked to the deaths of several dogs in the area.

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