Doing some shopping: Coyote wanders into Fargo mall

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A coyote walks into a mall...

No, it's not a joke, but the lost wild canine that slipped into a Fargo shopping complex did elicit a few chuckles.

"You know, spring fashions are here, so maybe he was just looking for a new outfit," Chris Heaton, the property manager at the West Acres Shopping Center, told WDAY, after the small coyote wandered through an open door Tuesday afternoon.

West Acres Director of Marketing Alissa Adams told Valley News Live that a mall employee spotted the coyote curled up in the corner of one of the service corridors around 2 p.m.

The employee quickly shut the door into the hallway so the little guy couldn't enter the common area of the mall.

Heaton said the coyote was very calm and posed no danger to anyone, and it didn't affect shopping at the mall. He added that he's dealt with birds and bunnies inside the mall before, but never a coyote, according to KVRR.

Mall officials told workers to keep their service doors closed while animal control evaluated the situation, WDAY said. The coyote had a non-serious paw injury, which officials splinted before taking him away.

After making sure the coyote was OK, animal control released it into the wild, where it "happily ran away," Forum News says.

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