CPR instructor puts lesson to use, saves man's life during training class

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An instructor teaching a class on CPR ended up saving the life of a man who went into cardiac arrest outside of her classroom Saturday.

The man, who was shoveling snow outside of the American Red Cross building in Rochester, came inside to take a break, FOX 9 says.

That's when he started having a heart attack, ABC 6 reports. Jennifer Brandt, an instructor with Twin Cities Safety, put her skills to use – she had her students call 911 and she began CPR.

"Everything went from there and I did what I've been teaching people for several years," Brandt told ABC 6. "It gave the students a real live look into what a scene actually looks like and what needs to be done in order to give somebody that chance of life."

Paramedics later told the class the man had survived, thanks to their quick response, FOX 9 notes.

In a post on Twin Cities Safety's Facebook page about the incident, it says this is a great example of why everyone should know how to do CPR.

"This is why we train and do what we do, to save a life. It is a perfect example that you never know when or where an emergency will happen, the more people who are trained in CPR the better it is for the community," Tim Smith, owner of Twin Cities Safety, told BringMeTheNews. 

The American Heart Association says if someone gives CPR immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, the victim's chance of survival doubles or triples. But the organizations ays only 32 percent of cardiac arrest victims are given CPR by a bystander.


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