Creepy 'IT' balloon tied to sewer grate in Minnesota

They've been popping up around the country.

Someone tied a single red balloon to a sewer grate in Minnesota.

If you're a fan of horror movies, you know why that's creepy. It's a reference to Pennywise, the evil clown in the classic Stephen King novel and 90s miniseries.

(I have a theory that this clown gave most millennials at least a touch of coulrophobia.)

Pennywise has come back to haunt us in a new film adaptation of the story, which hit theaters on Friday. If you haven't seen the trailer, watch here (if you dare).

So as a nod to the movie, pranksters have been tying red balloons to sewer grates across the country. They've been seen in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Arizona.

The trend made its way to Cloquet over the weekend, where police officers found a single red balloon at a sewer on Washington Avenue.

The department posted photos on Facebook, and teased that the officers made sure Pennywise "didn't need any assistance."

"Cloquet PD keeping our streets safe from scary clowns since 1904," the post says.

That may be a joke, but creepy clown sightings in Minnesota and across the U.S. over the last couple years have been all too real. It got so bad, Target stopped selling clown masks last year.

Some of those sightings were investigated, because people felt threatened or reported seeing clowns with weapons. 

But this balloon thing – while very spooky – is much less alarming for police.

"No crime has been committed," Commander Carey Ferrell of the Cloquet Police Department told GoMN. 

Carey said the department just saw it as a humorous prank.

"If anything, someone could be fined for littering, but that would be very far-fetched," he added.

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