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Crews clean up oil spill at Enbridge station in NW Minn.


Crews are cleaning up nearly 600 gallons of crude oil that leaked from an Enbridge Energy Partners pumping station in northwest Minnesota.

The Associated Press reports the spill in Viking, Minn. was discovered Tuesday afternoon. An Enbridge spokesperson says the main pipeline was shut down for more than five hours as a precaution while the source of the leak was identified.

It was later determined that the spill came from a 2-inch pipe that's part of a pressure management system.

About 50 cubic yards of soil will be dug up and disposed of. An Enbridge official on scene told the Indigenous Environmental Network that the clean up should be completed by early next week.

Enbridge's Line 67, a 1,000-mile pipeline extending from the Canadian province of Alberta to the western shore of Lake Superior, runs through Viking. Enbridge transports heavy crude oil into a network of U.S. pipeline and refineries in the midwest.

In 2010, an Enbridge pipeline burst lead to a catastrophic oil leak on Michigan's Kalamazoo River, the worst in-land spill in U.S. history.

Nearly three years later, cleanup efforts along the river are still underway.

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