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Crime spree that includes 4 carjackings ends in St. Paul


Police arrested a 39-year-old man Thursday night after a crime spree that included three kidnappings at knifepoint and ended when he crashed a stolen car into other cars in St. Paul, the Star Tribune reports.

The felon had spent six years in prison for aggravated robbery and was released in May, the Star Tribune reports.

Police say the man's string of crimes started in a Foley, Minn., grocery store in central Minnesota, where he kidnapped an employee and forced him to drive about 65 miles south to Minneapolis, the newspaper reports.

That person escaped unharmed, but the suspect on Thursday kidnapped two others, both women in their 30s, and also forced them to drive him around. They, too, both escaped – and the suspect stole a car from yet another driver, police say, which he drove and ultimately crashed on Ford Parkway in St. Paul. Highland Park neighbors said it was "quite a sight," KSTP reported.

The suspect was in custody Friday morning, WCCO reported.

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