Crushing cars with an excavator – it's not just a Minnesota thing anymore


Well, being an exclusive location was fun while it lasted.

But now Minnesota is one of two sites for Extreme Sandbox, the Hastings business that lets customers drive, dig, and play with giant-sized construction vehicles.

The company's second location is in Pottsboro, Texas, where a grand opening was held Thursday evening.

The Wall Street Journal says a 25-ton excavator was set to handle the ribbon cutting. Local journalists came to the town north of Dallas to preview the attraction.

Extreme Sandbox founder Randy Stenger tells Texas made sense for a second location, partly because no other state was sending as many people to Hastings to drive the bulldozers, skid steers, and excavators there.

Stenger had planned the second location even before his profitable appearance on the TV show Shark Tank, where his business concept impressed investors.

Now he tells the Journal he hopes to expand to the northeastern U.S. – perhaps New Jersey – in the next year or two.

Rates to use the equipment in the 10-acre sandbox start at $200 an hour, NBCDFW says, but there are discounts for larger groups. Stenger tells the Journal Extreme Sandbox has proven popular as a corporate team-building getaway and for high school field trips (14 is the minimum age to use the equipment).

25 minutes of classroom instruction are included and drivers stay in contact with an instructor through a headset while they're behind the wheel.

The company marked its fourth anniversary in Hastings last week.

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