Cub employees, off-duty cop accused of abusing rewards program


Seven Cub Foods staff members, including an off-duty Minneapolis police officer working as a security guard, were fired this month after being accused of fraudulently earning discounts from the store's reward program, according to WCCO.

The employees at the West Broadway Avenue in north Minneapolis had been misusing the program for months before management caught on during a routine audit.

The program allows customers to receive 50 cents off gas at Holiday stations with every $50 spent at Cub. KSTP says the discount is limited to $1.50 per gallon each time gas is purchased.

When customers who didn't have a rewards card went through the checkout line, the accused employees would swipe their own cards, racking up the points for themselves.

KSTP says there's no indication that a criminal investigation is underway, but the officer involved is the subject of a police department internal affairs investigation. It’s not clear what role the police officer played, the Star Tribune noted.

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