Cute picture alert: Surprise baby monkey born at Duluth zoo


On June 26, the primate keeper at the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth noticed something was new at the zoo's primate center: A baby monkey, to be exact.

The Duluth News Tribune spills the news, almost three weeks later, of Kelly, the zoo’s 15-year-old Angolan colobus, and her new baby. The sex of the pretty-darn-adorable monkey has not been determined.

The birth wasn’t completely unexpected, says the Tribune: Kelly and a second female colobus, Kero, had been taken off birth control last year. Hey now!

“The baby’s arrival is a nice surprise,” the keeper tells the paper. “We were hopeful because of the possibility, but not immediately expecting this birth.”

He also says the zoo had been monitoring Kelly’s weight, and while she had put on some pounds in April and May, she lost a pound in June. Can't a lady get any privacy these days?

Here's the family tree according to the Duluth newspaper: Kelly was born in San Diego and has been in Duluth for 14 years. Kero, her 10-year-old daughter, has lived at the zoo her entire life and Kramer, the father of the new baby, was transferred to the zoo six or seven years ago.

No word on who is the monkey's uncle.

There are 68 Angolan colobi in U.S. zoos, the paper reports, and mother and baby so far appear to be healthy. The baby is nursing.

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