Da pizza! Authentic Chicago deep dish pizzeria coming to Minnesota

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A slice of Chicago – and it's a fat, sauce-and-cheese-and-meat layered slice – is coming to Minneapolis.

The Southwest Journal reports Chicago-based Giordano's, known for the city's signature deep dish pizza, will be opening a 4,000-square-foot restaurant in an existing retail structure on the 2700 block of Hennepin Avenue.

The Journal says a neighbor group, the East Isles Residents Association, was notified of the move-in by a Giordano's attorney earlier this month. The restaurant will reportedly accommodate up to 109 diners and have a bar with 16 seats. It's expected to open in the spring of 2015.

Chicago deep dish pizza is often put up against the thin, foldable slices New York is famous for. The crust on a Chicago-style pizza usually rises a few inches, and because of the thickness and longer cooking time, the toppings aren't placed in the traditional order – otherwise the cheese would burn.

Earlier this year, Giordano's was one of the four finalists in poll on the blog Chicago Eats, asking readers to vote on the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. It lost out though, taking third place and getting beat by fellow Chicago heavyweights Lou Malnati's and Pizzeria Uno.

The Business Journal is currently conducting a poll of the best deep dish pizza in the Twin Cities, featuring six restaurants Giordano's will be competing with when it opens its doors next year.

You can see the current results of the poll here.

According to Giordano's website, Italian immigrant brothers Efren and Joseph Boglio opened the first company restaurant on the south side of Chicago in 1974, serving a pizza based on their mother's stuffed Italian pie recipe.

Today, Giordano's operates 40 locations in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, as well as three restaurants in Florida.

The Minneapolis structure that will house Giordano's was built by the Nolan Properties Group in 2013 based on speculation, the Journal says. Before that, a gas station occupied the property for 70 years.

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