Dad was driving SUV that backed over and killed toddler

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The driver of an SUV that backed over and killed a 14-month-old girl in Brooklyn Center Monday has been identified as the girl's father.

Authorities said Xeng Lor, 31, struck his daughter, Adalyn Lor, as he backed up the vehicle in the driveway of the family's home, WCCO reports.

According to police, Lor was using his grill Monday afternoon and thought it was too close to the vehicle. Three of his children were outside at the time. As he went to move the car, he saw two children off to the side and assumed the little girl was out of the way as well.

But Adalyn was in the path of the car, and she was struck as he backed the vehicle up. The girl had multiple head injuries and was dead when police arrived, the Star Tribune reports.

In a news release Tuesday, police said they believe the incident was an accident.

According to a national safety group Kids and Cars, “back-over” accidents like this are to blame for at least two deaths and 50 injuries each week among small children – most of them are 5 or younger. In Minnesota, 20 people were killed in back-over accidents from 1990-2012.

The organization says more than 60 percent of back-over accidents involve a larger vehicle such as a truck, van or SUV. Most of them occur when the vehicle is backing out of a driveway or parking space. And the vast majority of the time, a parent or other family member is the one behind the wheel.

The organization has a list of safety tips for drivers to prevent injuries and deaths from back-overs and other accidents. They include walking around your vehicle before you enter it to be sure no one is in the way; making sure you know of childrens' whereabouts; having them remain in your field of vision away from the vehicle while you back out; and teaching children never to play in, around or behind a vehicle.

Beginning in 2018, all vehicles will be required to have back-up cameras installed. Those cameras are optional equipment right now.

A fund has been set up to help the family pay for Adalyn Lor’s funeral expenses. The arrangements are pending.

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