Dairy Queen is bringing back two of its '90s treats

They want your nostalgia money.

If you grew up in the '90s, you probably have a soft spot for all that fun stuff you had as a kid: TLC, Full House, all the best Disney movies, Dunkaroos, pogs, etc.

Dairy Queen knows this. And like most other companies, hopes you'll buy stuff from them if they give you that nostalgia hit you want.

DQ's newest promotion features the return of two '90s "fan favorites": Treatzza Pizzas and Mr. Misty (aka Misty Slush).

"‘90s trends are in," Dairy Queen's news release explains, in case you didn't know. "Fashion, jewelry, shoes, toys and even hairstyles popular during that decade are part of a nostalgic revival taking place in 2017."

Fueling that is millennials (anyone who's 18-39 years old right now). That age group is now the largest in the United States. And loves itself some nostalgia, with Cramer describing the '90s as millennials' "not-so-secret weakness."

The Mr. Misty was around well before then, dating back to 1961. Though it was eventually renamed Misty Slush, then Arctic Rush. Whatever it was called when you were a kid, you probably tried it at least once. They'll be back as a permanent summer menu item, Dairy Queen says, in cherry, blue-raspberry, grape, strawberry-kiwi and lemon-lime flavors.

The ice cream pizza thing is legitimately '90s, having been introduced in 1995. If you don't remember it, the Treatzza Pizza is a fudge cookie crust, topped with vanilla ice cream and other sugary candies. These will be available in Choco Brownie, Reese’s, M&M and Heath flavors.

And actually, in 2012 a Redditor posted a photo of a sign outside the Roseville DQ saying Treatzza Pizzas were back as a very small test, predicting the store was "gonna get slammed so hard."

That's what Dairy Queen is hoping for again here in 2017.

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