Dangerous, bitter, very cold temps throughout Minnesota Wednesday


"Seriously cold" is how MPR's Paul Huttner describes it.

Matt Brickman of WCCO went with "bitter," we got a "very cold" from the National Weather Service Duluth, and Mark Tarello with KEYC is going with "dangerous."

Temperatures in Minnesota plummeted overnight, even further down than they've been during this frigid week. Here's a look at the numbers around the state Wednesday morning:

That means there's some real potential for problems on the road.

The cold is expected to hang around all day (scroll down for detailed forecasts) – but it's the wind chills that make conditions even more dangerous.

Wind chills even worse

And then of course there's the wind chill. Here's a look at how it will change over the day, from the Twin Cities' National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service issued wind chill advisories for large chunks of Minnesota, most of which last through noon.

In the Twin Cities region, up into central Minnesota, expect wind chills to dip 30-35 below zero throughout Wednesday morning. It should be about the same in the southern portion of the state.

In the northeast and through much of the Iron Range, those wind chills will be negative 30 to negative 40 this morning, improving to the teens by the afternoon.

In the northwest corner of the state wind chills will be 25-40 degrees below zero. In the southwest, those values could be a bit less frigid, likely 20-30 below zero.

 Today's forecast

Bundle up today, as things won't ever really get comfortable. Click here to find your city's forecast.

Twin Cities: High of 4, mostly sunny. Wind chills dipping to negative 25, with winds northwest around 15 mph. [Click here for more]

Duluth: A high of just 2, but partly sunny. Northwest wind 10 mph, with gusts about 15 mph. Wind chills 15-25 degrees below zero. [Click here for more]

Rochester: Don't expect to get above zero, the high for today. Wind will be "blustery" and northwest at 16-18 mph. Wind chill values could reach 30 below. [Click here for more]

Moorhead: A high (not a typo) of minus 2 degrees, made more dangerous with wind chills reaching 35 below zero. Northwest winds 9-14 mph, but gusting as high as 18 mph. [Click here for more]

Marshall: A windy day, with a northwest wind of 15-20 mph. Gusts however could hit 30 mph. For temps, a high of 4 degrees, but with wind chills reaching 30 below. [Click here for more]

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