Dangerous party drug, 'Molly,' emerges in the Twin Cities


A new street drug raising concerns across the country is popping up in the Twin Cities.

MinnPost reports Hennepin Regional Poison Center received 11 calls from individuals or medical personnel about "Molly" so far this year, up from just a couple times a year in the past.

Molly refers to a purer form of MDMA, or Ecstasy, and another synthetic stimulant unrelated to Ecstasy, according to Dr. Ben Orozco, the poison center's associate medical director.

The drug, which is popular at raves and dance clubs, is in the form of crystalline powder that's snorted. Overdoses can cause seizures, confusion, increased body temperatures, dehydration and even death, MinnPost said.

Molly is suspected to be a factor in two deaths of concertgoers in their twenties earlier this month at Electric Zoo, a multiday electronic music festival in New York.

One of the victims, Olivia Rotondo, 20, reportedly told an EMS worker that she took "six hits of Molly" before collapsing in seizure and dying, Fox News reported.

The festival was canceled after four other attendees ended up in critical condition after taking the drug.

Fox suggests pop stars are glorifying the drug, which has been referenced by Miley Cyrus, Kanye West and Madonna, according to the report.

TIME offers four myths about the drug.

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