Dashcam footage shows 100 mph police chase suddenly turn into a fiery rescue

The three troopers involved were given an award for their rescue efforts.

In the space of a few seconds, an arrest turned into a rescue as three troopers caught up with a fleeing suspect.

Dashcam footage of the May 23 incident released by the Minnesota State Patrol on Thursday – which you can watch below – show the moment a driver fled the scene during a traffic stop on Interstate 94 in Minneapolis.

He led police on a short-lived but rapid chase at speeds of up to 100 mph before crashing and rolling his SUV at Interstate 694 and East River Road.

The footage shows the troopers approach the crashed vehicle and shout – in no uncertain (and swear-filled) terms – for the driver to show his hands.

It's at that point flames erupt from the car, and the trooper's urgent requests to see some hands turns into a more concerned plea for the suspect to escape the vehicle.

"Get out of the car, it's on fire," he says, "Can you get out? Do it now, the car's on fire, man. Get out! Come on, hop out. Do you need help?"

The footage was released because the three troopers involved, Taylor Carter, Scott Smith and Mike Lee, were given a Meritorious Service Award at the annual State Patrol Awards Ceremony on Thursday.

What's more, it was also Trooper Carter's very first shift after graduating from the State Patrol Academy.

Talk about a baptism of fire.

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