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Data reveals how much property taxes will rise in MN communities next year


Homeowners across Minnesota can expect to see significant property tax increases next year, according to early figures compiled by the Department of Revenue.

The department released its preliminary list of maximum property tax levies that have been announced by cities, counties and townships ahead of next year, as well as school districts – some of which were passed in the Nov. 3 referenda.

On average, Minnesota's cities are increasing the amount their residents have to pay by 5.2 percent, bringing in an estimated $2.142 billion between them through the property tax levy, compared to $2.036 billion this year.

Counties are increasing theirs on average by 3.7 percent, townships by 2.4 percent and school districts by 7.5 percent.

Special taxing districts, which are public entities permitted to levy property taxes (such as hospital, sewer and park districts, or transit authorities), are increasing their levies by 5.6 percent.

In the Twin Cities, the biggest counties, Hennepin and Ramsey, raised their levy by 4.5 and 2.8 percent respectively, while Minneapolis and St. Paul raised theirs by 3.8 and 1.9 percent respectively.

Residents will find out how much they're likely to pay next year via letters that will be sent out later this month; the final, confirmed amounts they will pay will be revealed in another letter in February.

The revenue department has a detailed list of how much property taxes are going up in each county, city, township etc., which you can see here.

Here's where the biggest rises will be:


Lyon County: +15.3 percent

Cook County: +12 percent

Lincoln County: +10.8 percent

Pipestone County: +10.5 percent

Traverse County: +9.9 percent


Gilman: +146.4 percent

Evan: +108.3 percent

Hitterdal: +81.8 percent

Gem Lake: +66.3 percent

Urbank: +42.9 percent.


Cannon: +117.6 percent

Gordon: +116.9 percent

Rulien Township: +109.5 percent

Crow Wing Lake: +104.3 percent

Town of Shooks: +100 percent

School districts

Northland Community: +140 percent

Mora: +101 percent

Southland: +100.4 percent.

Glencoe-Silver Lake: +93.4 percent

Delano: +88.9 percent.

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