Davanni's is closing 1 of its Twin Cities locations

The last day it'll be in business is Aug. 31.

Davanni's is closing its location in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis later this summer.

The pizza and hoagie shop has been in business at 1414 W. Lake St. for the past 36 years, with Davanni's saying in a post on Facebook it was one of the longest-surviving, family-owned restaurants in the Uptown area.

However, "the time has come for us to move on and close" the shop, Davanni's said, without giving a reason why. The last day it'll be open is Aug. 31.

But pizza lovers, don't you worry. The Uptown delivery area will be served by other Davanni's, with the company saying "we are happy that this option will allow a seamless transition for all of our delivery customers."

Davanni's, which is based in Plymouth, says it'll retain managers and employees from the Uptown location when it closes, and will help them find jobs in nearby shops.

After the Uptown location closes Davanni's will have 21 locations, with the Business Journal reporting the company has been working to upgrade some of its locations in recent years to attract younger customers.

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