David Letterman: Al Franken is 'one of the smartest people I’ve ever met'

Letterman also said Franken is the "only person I can trust anymore."

Sen. Al Franken raised his political profile the past couple months with sharp questions for cabinet nominees, turning up the volume on "He should run for president" internet buzz (though his office says he won't).

And the Minnesota lawmaker apparently has a big fan in David Letterman.

The retired talk show host gave a long interview to Vulture, which at one point discussed Letterman's eventual inclusion of politics in his Late Show. The interviewer said he was sick of people going crazy every time President Donald Trump tweets something, which Letterman responded by saying, "That’s my point: Let’s stop that."

Then Letterman said this:

"The only person I can trust anymore is Al Franken, who has a great brain and a great heart. I believe what he says."

The TV icon then said he and Franken haven't talked much about the president, though did discuss the election.

"[Franken] told me, 'Ted Cruz is one of the smartest men I’ve ever met. He’s scary smart,'" Letterman said, later adding: "And this was coming from Al Franken, who I think is one of the one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. And one of the three funniest."

The two former television comedians clearly have a good relationship – Letterman, who is not a registered Democrat or Republican, even donated to Franken's campaign three times, and a PAC supporting him once, the Washington Post reported. Those were his only political donations they could find.

When the senator was on in April 2015, weeks before Letterman went off the air, he suggested the Indiana native consider a Senate run in his home state. Here's that appearance.

The next month, Franken penned a glowing tribute to Letterman before his final show, writing in part: "America will be saying goodbye to its most evolved celebrity, a complicated man who’s had the good graces to respect his audience by embracing certain core, sometimes apparently conflicting, values."

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