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David Letterman shops at Target now (and other fun tidbits)

Stars are just like us. Including David Letterman, who goes to Target now.

We haven't heard much from David Letterman recently.

Since leaving his Late Show in May of 2015, the 69-year-old has popped up in places like the Indy 500 or on a beach in the Caribbean, running with his retirement beard all over the place and headphones in.

Otherwise, his life is mostly normal. Including, as he told the New York Times for a story recently, weekday trips to none other than Target.

“I’m the guy who holds up lines because he always thinks he has the correct change. ‘How much was that? I think I may have the 87 cents,’” he told the Times.

The New York Times' profile of/catch-up with Letterman is (as this feature is called) absolutely worth a read. They go into what he's discovered about life after TV, his work for a National Geographic documentary in India, where he lives, what his kid thinks of his beard, and more. It's great.

But we pulled out a couple mini-highlights aside from Target.

One, he's trying to go green – but his efforts are tinged with his trademark skepticism. As the New York Times wrote:

"Though he has tried to take environmentally responsible steps like buying electric cars and installing solar panels at his 2,700-acre ranch on the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana, Mr. Letterman asked: 'Does that do anything? Is that a good thing, or am I just the idiot in the electric car?'"

And two, he thinks he has some gas left in the tank (or maybe electricity remaining in the eco-friendly rechargeable battery). Just not for a daily show.

“I keep saying, jeez, I still think I can do something,” he told the paper. “I want that epiphany that others have had. It’s the same epiphany that I had about wanting to do a TV show when I was, like, 17. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and I envy people who, in humanitarian pursuits, have had this realization.”

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