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Days into deer season, 2 hunters have already been found shot dead

Nobody died in hunting incidents last year.

At least two people in Minnesota have been shot and killed while apparently out hunting.

The body of 41-year-old Terrence Brisk was found with a gunshot wound Monday afternoon in Belle Prairie Township (near Little Falls), the Morrison County Sheriff' office said.

He was wearing a blaze orange hunting vest at the time. The office is asking anyone with information to call 320-632-9233.

That morning, a 73-year-old man from Cloquet was found dead in a deer stand in Red Clover Township. He also had a gunshot wound, the Carlton County Sheriff's Office reported.

The firearms deer season opened Saturday morning, and the DNR says there are nearly half a million deer hunters in the state. One got shot in the leg on opening day.

How often does this happen to Minnesota hunters?

Often enough, statistically speaking. In fact, since 1947 (which is as far back as the records go) Minnesota has only had four years free of “hunting incidents.”

With that said, the number of those incidents – which include fatalities – has been on the decline. Last year, there were 15 incidents and zero fatalities, according to the DNR. Compare that to 10 years earlier, when there were 24 incidents, of which three were fatal.

The most fatalities came in 1961, when 29 people died.

While those records don’t make clear the circumstances of those deaths (making it hard to tell if they involved firearms or not), all 11 hunting incidents from last year were gun-related, according to this report.

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