Dayton accepts responsibility for trouble with MNsure rollout


Just a day after expressing public disappointment with Minnesota's troubled health insurance exchange, Gov. Mark Dayton took responsibility for the failures with MNsure's rollout.

MPR News reports Dayton made the comments during a student forum at the University of Minnesota Duluth on Friday. Dayton described the rollout of the $100 million state online insurance marketplace as "horrible" and acknowledged that the buck stops with him, according to MPR.

"I think it's terrible that it's been this badly done," Dayton said when speaking of the MNsure website. "It's the worst experience I've had in the three years of my term."

A subsidiary of Minnetonka-based United Health Group just finished a study of MNsure's website. Optum concluded MNsure's management structure is "non-existent," and suggested the site be rebuilt from scratch.

After the review, MNsure's interim CEO Scott Leitz promised changes.

According to WCCO, Letiz said, "I felt it was very important for us to get a really good, clear and independent look at where we were at with regard to MNsure."

In the report, Optum said it expects MNsure to fall short of enrollment goals, because of overwhelming call center volume and lack of resources.

Letiz told WCCO MNsure plans on hiring additional call-center representatives. He also said they plan to improve the website and create a clearer system of "governance."

The critics of MNsure are turning up the pressure on MNsure and Dayton.

Republican candidate for governor Scott Honour said its time for the state to cut it's losses with MNsure. Honour said, "Over $150 million have been spent on the website and we have a broken exchange that is overseen by an unelected, unaccountable board."

Gov. Dayton said Thursday he was "hugely disappointed" with the MNsure problems.

Dayton said Republicans want to take the state back to the "Wild West, Darwinian" days of inadequate health care. Dayton made the health exchange a centerpiece of his first term and vowed on Thursday to get it right.

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