Dayton holds jobs summit in St. Paul

Business leaders, government officials and others are brainstorming ways to put more Minnesotans to work and looking closely at businesses that are thriving during a jobs summit on Tuesday in St. Paul.
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Gov. Dayton is hosting a summit in St. Paul bringing together hundreds of people to brainstorm ideas on how to get more Minnesotans back to work.

But not everyone is having a hard time finding work these days. IT workers seem to be doing very well, both in Minnesota and across the country. The Star Tribune reports the jobless rate among some tech workers is under 2.5 percent, which has created a "dual job market" where candidates have the leverage over companies.

Nearly half of the state's manufacturers say they've got jobs but can't find anyone qualified to fill them, Fox 9 reports. If that means manufacturers can't ramp up production, officials say it could stunt the state's economic growth.

But a business professor writing in the Wall Street Journal says employers who can't find the skills shouldn't blame the job-seekers. He says businesses are expecting too much too soon these days. Giving new workers training and time to practice, he says, would solve many employers' problems.

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Dayton to outline jobs plan at summit later this month

The governor will outline his plan to grow both businesses and jobs in the state during a summit later this month in St. Paul. He'll talk specifically about his recent statewide jobs tour -- which included 12 stops around the state.

St. Jude Medical to cut 300 jobs

St. Jude Medical Inc. said Thursday it is cutting 300 jobs as part of a corporate restructuring that the medical device company says will save it $50 million to $60 million annually starting next year, the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal reports.

Summit to open taproom at St. Paul Brewery

Summit Brewing Company tells Minnesota Public Radio it will open its on-site taproom by late September. At first, it will only be open to the public on Fridays from 3 p.m. - 8 p.m. Summit Brewing Marketing Coordinator Carey Matthews said, "This is definitely something we're excited about, to bring more people in to experience our beer where it was made."

Wells Fargo Advisors moving Minneapolis jobs to St. Louis

The brokerage arm of San Francisco-based Wells Fargo & Co. is moving an unknown number of jobs from Minneapolis to St. Louis. The Business Journal reports Wells Fargo Advisors is making room for an additional 400 workers at its Missouri headquarters. A company spokeswoman wouldn't disclose how many jobs are being cut in Minnesota.