Dayton clarifies jesting Facebook post on state budget


Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says he is recovering well from spinal surgery. But a joke about his recovery fell flat on its back.

Dayton had hinted on his Facebook page on Monday that his recovery might delay an expected Jan. 22 budget proposal, a story the Associated Press promptly reported. But Dayton quickly sought to clarify that he was just trying to be humorous.

"My previous post was serious about my recovery, and trying to be humorous about delaying my budget proposal. There is no postponement being sought. I just wanted to see if anyone reads this stuff!"

Dayton, 65, underwent surgery on his spine Dec. 27 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester in an attempt to ease a constriction in his lower back.

Dayton also joked on Facebook that he was on a "modified Adrian Peterson rehab program." "However, the only time I’ve ever been called “All Day Dayton” was once, when I was being timed on a mile run."

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