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Dayton embarrassed over low charity donations, vows to give more


Gov. Mark Dayton says he plans on giving more money to charity in the future after his 2012 tax return revealed he donated only $1,000 in 2012, The Associated Press reports.

The information in Dayton's tax returns also revealed the governor had a total salary and investment earnings of $343,000. He also paid $89,000 in taxes that year.

Dayton, who isn't required to release his tax returns but did so voluntarily Tuesday, says the matter of making charitable donations merely escaped him, the Star Tribune reports.

"I pride myself on my charitable giving and I’m disappointed in myself,” Dayton said in press briefing Wednesday. “I totaled it up and noticed I had fallen off, so I will remedy that."

Dayton reportedly earned $342,222 in 2011 and donated $1,750 to charity.

According to the Star Tribune, Dayton as a gubernatorial candidate in 2009 earned $172,475, mostly from family trusts.

However, he donated nearly $27,000 of his earnings to charity that year.

The Pioneer Press says GOP state Sen. Dave Thompson, who is running against Dayton for governor in 2014, released his tax returns. Other GOP gubernatorial candidates plan to follow suit.

Citing the AP, the Pioneer Press says Thompson's tax returns revealed a family income of $198,322 in 2012. Of that, Thompson paid $40,000 in taxes and gave $20,000 to charity.

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