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Dayton: No special session to repeal new business tax


There will be no special session to address new business tax increases enacted in the recent legislative session.

WCCO-TV reports that Gov. Mark Dayton rejected a request to repeal the tax hike on warehouse services, calling it a 'grandstanding stunt.'

GOP leaders asked Dayton to bring lawmakers back to St. Paul. An editorial by the head of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce that also sought to have Dayton to reconvene the Legislature,appeared in a number of state newspapers.

The new sales tax on warehouse services and supplies goes on the books in April of 2014, but Republican leaders say it is a factor for businesses who are considering growth and expansion.

Dayton blamed Republicans for creating a deficit that set up the tax hikes. “The previous administration and republicans put us into this hole, and now they are complaining about how we are getting us out of it," Dayton said. "Well, we’re getting us out of it. We’re putting our accounts back in order.

The Pioneer Press reports that Gov. Dayton, 66, made his comments as he resumed public appearances Monday. Dayton experienced a hip-muscle tear while hustling down the steps at the Governor's Residence. He has been recovering and out of the public eye for the past two weeks.

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