Dayton pushes for Legislative 'unsession' in 2014


Gov. Mark Dayton wants what he calls the 2014 Legislative "unsession" to focus on eliminating old, outdated state laws instead of adding new ones, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

Dayton -- who was inspired by the 7-Up 1970s advertising campaign about the beverage being the "uncola" -- solicited ideas for his "unsession" during the Minnesota State Fair through suggestion boxes and online submissions.

The governor says the "unsession" is a "huge opportunity to really pare back some of the excesses of government and government rules and regulations and procedures that just take up too much time and are duplicative or redundant or obsolete."

According to MPR, "unsession" ideas include fewer taxes, a smaller Legislature, Sunday liquor sales and legalized marijuana.

Also suggested were a merged higher education system and "Plain Language Implementation," which would cut political jargon from statements from officials.

Earlier this month Dayton told the Pioneer Press that he was sifting the 859 ideas submitted by state employees before getting to another 442 ideas submitted by the general public in an online suggestion box.

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