Dayton raises $217,000 for re-election bid in last 3 months


Gov. Mark Dayton's campaign released fundraising figures Friday for the last three months as he looks to re-election in 2014.

From April through June, according to the Associated Press, Dayton raised $217,000, and has raised $249,000 so far this year.

The AP reports that the campaign says he raised most of the nut following the end of the 2013 legislative session and a mid-June trade mission to Europe.

Dayton, who was not required by law to release such figures, has spent $115,000 so far.

Dayton, who has self-financed most of his political campaigns in the past, says he won't do so this time around, the Star Tribune reported last month, although he hinted that he might pony up some of his personal fortune.

As the AP reports, Dayton has acknowledged that he's been a little slow on the fundraising front thus far this year.

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