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Dayton says he'll support Sunday liquor sales if bill passes in 2014


Gov. Mark Dayton says he will sign a bill that would allow Sunday liquor sales should the state Legislature pass a measure in 2014 to lift the decades-old ban, The Associated Press reports.

Minnesota is one of only 12 states that bans liquor stores from selling product on Sundays. Patrons are allowed, however, to drink liquor in bars and restaurants.

In an interview with the AP Friday, Dayton said it doesn't make sense for government to dictate which businesses can operate on certain days.

The state House overwhelmingly defeated a proposal for Sunday liquor sales in May by a vote of 106-21, keeping intact a law that dates back to 1895.

Minnesota Public Radio reported this week that supporters of Sunday sales in liquor stores will push for the measure again in 2014, this time with the support of the local craft beer industry.

According to the AP, Democratic Sen. Roger Reinert said Dayton's stance on Sunday liquor sales should help the bill build momentum in the 2014 session.

Daniel Wolter, the former Director of Communications for former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, commended Dayton on his Facebook page Friday with a post that simply said, "Well played, Governor."

According to MPR, a poll released in May by Public Policy Polling found that 62 percent of Minnesotans supported lifting the ban on Sunday liquor sales, while 31 percent opposed it.

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