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Dayton's transportation task force recommends increases in gas tax, tab fees


A report by Gov. Mark Dayton's Transportation Finance Advisory Committee Friday calls for increases in the gas tax and tab fees to help fund and improve the state's transportation in the coming 20 years, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation released the task force's summary and recommendations, which aims to improve the state's highways, roads, bridges and public transport systems, plus its air, rail and port facilities.

"Investments in transportation will support an environment in which Minnesota businesses can continue to grow, ensure that the state continues to be an attractive location for companies looking to expand,and position Minnesota for the future," the report said.

Dayton ordered the 19-member committee in January to come up with the set of recommendations.

According MPR, the gas tax in the recommendation would raise more than $15 billion over the next 20 years, and a 10 percent increase in vehicle registration fees would raise another $1 billion.

Also recommended was a transit-dedicated sales tax increase of a half-cent, which would generate an $200 million more per year for metro area transit.

The report by the task force comes out the same day as the release of findings by the Istaca Project, which said an investment of $4.4 billion to build out a regional transit system in the Twin Cities would yield up to $10.1 billion in direct benefits to the local economy.

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