'Dear Princely Person': Paul McCartney's handwritten letter to Prince sold at auction

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One time, Paul McCartney needed some money.

So, like anyone else would do, he decided to write a letter to Prince.

That letter was up for bid via RR Auction over the weekend, and ended up selling for $14,822.50 – well over the $4,000 the auction host had expected.

There's no date on the letter, which is two pages and labeled as coming from London. But it's handwritten, and it asks Prince for a donation to help the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. You can read the letter's full text here.

McCartney finishes by writing:

"Anyway, one of these days you'll have to come and teach a class some moves!! Who knows, it may turn out to be something special for thousands of future kids. Thanks for looking at this.”

Did Prince donate?

We don't know, the auction site says. But McCartney did go on to co-found the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in 1996, and it appears to be going strong 20 years later.

When McCartney played Minneapolis in May, shortly after Prince's death, he did a cover of the Purple One's "Let's Go Crazy."


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