Deepest Great Lakes shipwreck found on Superior's bottom


A group of shipwreck hunters located a sunken freighter resting in more than 850 feet of water. The Duluth News Tribune reports that, in all likelihood, it's the deepest shipwreck ever found in the Great Lakes.

The Associated Press said the shipwreck hunters confirmed the location of Scotiadoc last month. The ship sank near Thunder Bay, Ontario, 60 years ago after colliding with another freighter in thick fog. One person died and the rest of the crew of 29 exited the ship in lifeboats.

The group that made the discovery also found the long-lost wreck of the Henry B. Smith offshore from Marquette, Mich., last May. It includes Jerry Eliason of Cloquet. Eliason said the Scotiadoc first came to the group’s attention as they searched for another shipwreck in the area.

The Scotiadoc made frequent trips to and from the Twin Ports. It had departed with 260,000 bushels of wheat on June 20, 1953 when it was involved in a collision. Court testimony following the accident helped the hunters to pinpoint the wreckage. A sonar unit developed by Eliason’s son Jarrod ran a grid over a defined search area. Beginning in the early 2000s, the group made periodic trips to search for the vessel.

Their camera got footage to confirm the wreck of the Scotiadoc in September.

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