Candidate 'Deez Nuts' courts supporters in MN – why he's striking a chord with voters


He seems to have captured the imagination of electors fed up with America's two-party dominance, and now "Deez Nuts" is courting support in Minnesota.

Mr. Nuts, who was this week revealed as 15-year-old Iowa schoolboy Brady Olson, is the flavor of the month as far as next year's presidential elections are concerned, polling at 9 percent in North Carolina as an independent, ABC 11 reports.

Earlier this month he polled 8 percent support in Minnesota, before his identity and age were revealed, and in an interview with The Daily Beast this week he said that as his support has grown he has been looking for party endorsements.

"The next step is to get some party nominations, like the Minnesota Independence Party or the Modern Whig Party," the son of a farmer and dental assistant told The Daily Beast.

Mark Meyer, the Minnesota Independence Party's chairman, confirmed to City Pages that Olson had emailed his party seeking an endorsement – albeit before they realized his age – and jokingly said they would consider it "once we have an evaluation fee of $10,000."

Meyer said his party is serious about changing the two-party system, but said they aren't afraid to have a bit of fun and extended an invitation for Olson to join the party's stand at the Minnesota State Fair.

"If he wants to come up and have a corn dog at our booth at the fair and talk about presidential politics, that’s the perfect place for Deez Nuts to be," he told City Pages.

Though Olson told the website that while he would like to attend, school might get in the way.

What does 'Deez Nuts' stand for?

Olson, under the Deez Nuts name, is among 512 people who have filed the preliminary papers required to run for president, joining the likes of "Buddy the Elf," "Jack Sparrow," "Princess Oawlawolwaol" and "Sydneys Vuluptuous Buttocks."

But there's something about Deez Nuts that has captured the public's imagination, even though electing him president would require a change to the Constitution given that it declares Presidents must be at least 35-years-old.

A libertarian-leaning fledgling politician, the New York Times reports Olson has responded to his sudden fame (he was the number one trending topic on Twitter on Wednesday) by posting policies on his Facebook page and his website.

Among them is support for a balanced budget, the Iran nuclear deal, deporting all illegal immigrants except children, giving U.S. territories electoral representation, cutting subsidies to oil companies, and tax breaks for green energy.

He has struck a chord with those wanting a vote of "no confidence" in the Democrat- and Republican-dominated system – and told the New York Times that the reason for his protest campaign is "to clear the way for a future third-party-movement."

"I would say Mr. Nuts is the most ludicrous and unqualified third-party candidate you could have, but he’s still polling at 7, 8, 9 percent," director of Public Policy Polling Tom Jensen told the newspaper. "Right now the voters don’t like either of the people leading in the two main parties, and that creates an appetite for a third-party candidate."

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