Defense calls no witnesses in Trevino murder trial


Jeffery Trevino, who is on trial for the murder of his wife, 30-year-old Kira Steger, will not testify, according to his attorneys.

After the prosecution wrapped up its case Monday morning, the defense followed suit, calling no witnesses.

Closing arguments are expected Tuesday morning.

Trevino, 39, was charged with two counts of second-degree murder in February after Steger's blood was found at the couple's St. Paul home and inside the trunk of Steger's car. Her body was later recovered from the Mississippi River.

During opening statements, defense attorney John Conard told jurors that the DNA evidence in the case was not reliable. Conard said less than a thimble full of Steger's blood was discovered in the home, which is not consistent with the amount of blood that would come from Steger's injuries.

Trevino told investigators that the two had gone on a date at the Mall of America on Feb. 21, the last time Steger was seen alive, and she had left their home the next morning before she disappeared.

In interviews with investigators, Trevino said that morning he had walked Steger outside to the driveway and put a bag of hers inside her car as she talked on the phone, the Pioneer Press reported. However, records disclosed from Steger's cell phone company indicate that the last use of Steger's phone had been the night before.

Prosecutor's aimed to prove that Trevino killed Steger in a jealous rage because she had been having an affair.

An autopsy report also showed fish was found in Steger's stomach -- remnants sushi she had consumed at Crave on her date with Trevino the night of the alleged murder.

Since Steger's body was recovered from the river more than two months later, the undigested food indicates Steger was killed long before Trevino claims his wife left the house, according to the prosecution.

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