Defense in puppy drowning: Dogs were commercial, not pets

The lawyer for the woman accused of drowning puppies at her Sciota Township dog kennel says he will challenge the constitutionality of the law she is accused of violating more than a dozen times. Dayna K. Bell, 61, owns Bell Kennels and Farm, where three former employees say she drowned puppies in a bucket of water or by tying a cinder block to the animals' necks and throwing them in a swimming pool.
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Dayna K. Bell, 61, who owns Bell Kennels and Farm, where three former employees allegedly saw her drown puppies, has revealed her defense strategy. She claims the dogs were commercial property and not pets, and therefore subject to different rules, the Pioneer Press reports.

Her lawyer said he also plans to challenge the warrant police used to search Bell's kennel in September 2011 to recover evidence, the newspaper reports. Dakota County sheriff's deputies discovered 10 small-breed dogs in a freezer chest on the property when they searched it, the charges say.

State lawmakers may consider a bill next regular session aimed at regulating commercial dog breeders, KSTP reports. DFL Rep. John Lesch of St. Paul says regulating commercial dog and cat breeders would make it more difficult for breeders to get away with abusing animals. KSTP's report:

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