Deformed Moorhead cat becomes media star


WDAY has an American rags-to-riches story – about a cat.

Corky, a domestic shorthair that now lives in Moorhead, was born with deformed legs that were backward and crossed. He was found dragging himself down a street, did a brief stint at a pound and was likely to be euthanized, WDAY reports. But a shelter rescued the feline and he eventually had surgery to turn his legs around.

The animal has since had one of the legs amputated, but he gets himself around fine and is doing well, his caretaker says. Here's an interview with her.

The cat's story has drawn attention from cat lovers across the globe, and he has graced the cover of Modern Cat magazine and become a Facebook darling.

CNN picked up the story not long after Corky's surgery:

Here's a glimpse at the cat now:

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