Delta apologizes for fighting flight attendants who delayed MN-bound plane

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Delta Airlines offered fresh apologies Monday after media outlets reported that a fist fight between two flight attendants caused a Minneapolis-bound plane to be more than an hour late to the Twin Cities.

The Aviation Herald caught wind of the fight last week, reporting that a disagreement over work issues led the two attendants to trade punches and a third woman who tried to calm the combatants was hit by a flying fist.

The Herald reports the fight broke out 40 minutes into the Los Angeles-to-Minneapolis flight aboard a Boeing 757 and when the flight deck was informed, the captain opted to land in Salt Lake City to speak with the crew about what happened. The Herald says the plane was then 75 minutes late arriving in the Twin Cities.

Delta told FOX 9 that when passengers made their tardy arrival in Minneapolis, they were met with letters of apology from the airline and received travel vouchers or SkyMiles credits.

FOX says Delta also issued a statement to news media on Monday confirming both the altercation between flight attendants and the unscheduled stop, adding "The actions of these crew members in no way reflect the values and professionalism we expect from all of our employees.”

The Pioneer Press reports Delta officials declined to comment on discipline against the flight attendants and whether they face criminal charges or still work for the airline.

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