Delta flight from MSP to Vegas lands with pilot locked out of cockpit


A Delta flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul had to make an emergency landing upon arriving at Las Vegas after the pilot was locked out of the cockpit.

The Associated Press reports Delta flight 1651 to Las Vegas had to be landed by the co-pilot when the door to the cockpit malfunctioned and locked the pilot out of the cabin.

There were 168 people on board the MD-90 aircraft, but the plane landed safely at McCarran International Airport with no injuries or damage to the plane.

"A commercial aircraft can be landed with one pilot at the control and Delta pilots are fully trained to do so if the situation were to occur," a Delta statement to the Las Vegas Sun said.

At this point it is unclear what caused the jam, the newspaper reports, but Delta has said its maintenance technicians will be examining the doors.

Earlier this month, a Delta-flight bound for the Twin Cities from Los Angeles had to return to LAX shortly after take-off when pilots experienced problems controlling the direction of the plane.

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