Delta flight leaving MSP lands at wrong airport, sparks investigation


A Delta flight headed from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to Rapid City, South Dakota landed at the wrong airport Thursday.

How can that happen?

Well, Rapid City Regional Airport is only about five miles away from Ellsworth Air Force Base – where the plane mistakenly landed – according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. So the pilot didn't miss the destination by much.

Delta flight 2845, carrying about 130 passengers, landed safely. Then the flight made arrangements to correct the mistake and re-departed. That time they made it to the right place.

The airline says it's contacted customers since the incident, and "offered a gesture of apology for the inconvenience."

That crew has been taken off duty while the National Transportation Board conducts an investigation.

This isn't the first time a flight mistakenly landed at the wrong airport. Bloomberg says it happened in 2013 in Kansas with an Atlas Air Worldwide freighter, and in Missouri with a Southwest Airlines flight.

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