Delta planes clip wings at MSP; no injuries, plenty of pizza


Two Delta Airlines airplanes were damaged when their wings collided at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Wednesday night.

The two planes hit wings while leaving their gates and preparing for takeoff, the Star Tribune reports.

A Delta 757 bound for Los Angeles clipped wings with an Embraer E175 headed for Louisville around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, KSTP says.

A passenger on the Los Angeles flight said she could feel a noticeable impact, FOX 9 reports. The pilot told the passengers to sit tight.

No one was injured and the planes returned to their gates, causing the flights to be delayed, reports said.

Steve Londre tweeted that passengers were given pizza and snacks adding "Delta was super nice. Still super lame though."

Passengers bound for Los Angeles were delayed for a few hours, according to twitter.

It's not clear what caused the incident, but Delta is investigating.

According to Newsday, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a 2012 report that it has investigated 12 incidents of planes' wings clipping another plane or object while taxiing.

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