Delta says this website is tricking pet owners

The airline is suing a mysterious website called

With all of the risks involved, putting your pet on an airplane is pretty stressful.

That's why goes to great lengths to explain what happens to the animals in transit, so that pet owners feel comfortable and confident traveling with their furry BFF.

"We know pets aren't just freight – they're family," the website says.

There's just one problem: the website is fake.

Delta Air Lines says this mysterious website is using the airline's trademarks to try to trick people, according to a new federal lawsuit obtained by the Associated Press

Take a glance at the site, and you'll see what they mean – Delta logos, pictures of its planes, and various options for domestic and international travel for pets.

But all of it is bogus. promises to arrange flight services for pets and solicits payments but actually does nothing, the airline says in the lawsuit.

There's no information on what happens to customers who do use the site, Business Journals says

Delta, which has a major midwestern hub at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), is claiming trademark infringement.

It's kind of easy to tell the site is illegitimate

There are some telltale signs that the website is a scam, like spelling and grammar errors and random gibberish. 

Plus, the company is based in the nonexistent city of Simi Valley, Nevada. (Simi Valley is in California.)

When GoMN tried calling the two phone numbers listed on the website, we didn't get an answer.

"Pet scams are very big right now," Dan Hendrickson with the Better Business Bureau told KARE 11

"Frankly, there are also a lot of bad folks out there who are cranking out these fake websites. They get thousands of dollars. They shut them down and move on to the next fake website," Hendrickson said.

Real info for pet owners

If you're looking for real information about flying your pets with Delta, here are the airline's pet travel options.

In March 2016, Delta stopped allowing pets to be checked along with baggage after racking up more animal deaths than any other airline over a five year period.

These days, pets can only fly Delta in the cargo area or in the cabin as a carry on – which comes with tight restrictions and expensive fees

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